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Your Hand Just Got Stronger

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Your Hand Just Got Stronger

Note: originally published at Fredo Pareto.

OK, folks, you can finally take my new project for a spin.

If you have a complaint with a company--any company, for any reason--or if you have HAD a complaint in the last three years, if you want to resolve it fast, fairly, and without pain, submit your complaint here.

The status quo that this (and my last) project protests against is this idea that low-value claims are intractable, that consumers have no choice but to abandon things they're otherwise legally entitled to simply because the economics are not in their favor. I like this quote from my co-founder Jules Hill: "any good poker player will tell you, you don't play the strength of your bank account, you play the strength of your hand." As a founder, my mission is to build consumer tools that enable you to ignore the longstanding economics, and not imprudently, but with rational justification, purely based on the strength of the tools you hold. For consumers wishing to veto bills they don't owe and resolve frustrating issues in ways they deem fair, we've built the strongest tool in history (no hyperbole).

If you don't know...

My last project, CellBreaker​, is on track this year to be responsible for more than 60% of the annual average number of consumer arbitrations across the entire US and all verticals. It's shocking but true.

With CellBreaker, we picked one use-case in one vertical (cell phone contracts), and after 2.5 years, without even realizing it until recently, we had built a well-oiled resolution machine that is, by far, responsible for more consumer complaint wins than any other entity, private or public, in history.

In other words, no one could claim responsibility for 60% of the pie, until we could.

I'm obviously proud of this, but I'm even prouder to launch this new project that will resolve any complaint in any vertical with any company. At this point, friends, if you think you don't already have occasion to take it for a spin, then I am eager to discover your secret to avoiding all manners of buyer's remorse--because the rest of us sure don't know :)