It shouldn’t cost hundreds of dollars and dozens of man-hours to end a contract.

We make it easy to get out of
your cell phone contract.

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I thought CellBreaker was pretty great. I’d definitely be a returning customer if I ever need to break a contract again.
- Katherine in California
I appreciate the updates that you send. I have been telling people about CellBreaker so keep up the good work!
- Patrick in North Carolina
As a first time cellbreaker user, I must say I was so impressed with the job they did. I used the premium option and they were with me every single step of the way. They answered the mountain of questions I had in a prompt and friendly manner and stuck with me to get my cell phone contract broken without any cancellation charges.
- Katie in Maryland

Carriers Breach

The key insight is that carriers often breach contracts by making changes without your permission. In doing so they create an opportunity for you void the contract.

How frequent are breaches? In the first 5 months of 2014, for example, one of the Big 4 carriers breached 8 times in 5 months. Breaches happen frequently, but no one has time to notice.

Why Use CellBreaker

If done by hand, properly voiding the contract can be tedious and error-prone. Done by CellBreaker, it’s automated, which means you only spend about 5 minutes to get out of your contract and switch to any carrier of your choice in precisely 7 days.

Plus, CellBreaker customers save an average of 62% on cell phone service by getting out of their contract. Benefits: save time, effort, and money. Guaranteed.

How It Works

Sign up, start your Break Analysis, we’ll identify potential breaches, and you can switch to any new carrier in 7 days. Sound awesome? Sign up for free in seconds.