• Switching Cellphone providers? We'll Buy out your contract.

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    don't pay another cent on your old contract, guaranteed.

    Once you activate your Cellbreaker Buyout, you don't have to pay another cent to your old cell provider. If, after our service, your old carrier still tries to bill you, we'll cover the cost ourselves.

  • Avoid early termination fees

    We save cell phone customers an average of $700 in phone bills and early termination fees.


    In fact, most cell phone carrier termination fees start at over $300 per line.

  • How It Works


    Check Your Eligibility

    First, answer a few questions so we can determine your eligibility for the program. We cover all major carriers and contract types. 


    Activate When You Switch

    We take over your old contract when you switch services.. Once you activate, we'll cover any bills or early termination fees.


    We Cancel Your Contract

    Sit back and relax-- our Veeto Experts will take it from here. At this point, you're free and clear no matter what. We'll jump into action and terminate your old contract ourselves.

  • The freedom to choose

    We're not affiliated with any phone carriers-- which means you can choose the cell phone company that you want, not the one that'll pay your contract.


    In fact, you don't even have to switch to a new provider at all, if you don't want to.

  • Fast. Easy. Guaranteed.

    Once you activate your Veeto Power, we take care of everything else. In fact, we even terminate your old contract on your behalf, so you don't have to deal with your old carrier directly. And best of all,


    No restrictions on where you switch.

    No waiting for weeks (or in some cases months) for reimbursements.

    No risk (once you activate, we cover any costs with your old carrier).


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    About us

    We're Veeto. We help thousands of consumers stand up to companies who violate the terms of their agreements, and win back time and money. Our success rate? 100%.


    With over 10 years of experience in this space, we are the oldest and most successful contract breaking service in the business.


    "Veeto is an easy way to get out of bad contracts or get your money back from companies who do not deserve it."

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  • Why people love veeto

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    "Thank you!!! I'm happy you exist and glad that I found you. I appreciate...your willingness to work with the little guy."

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    "The experience of Veeto was so valuable: it taught me not only that I should fight back, but how to do so."

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    "The outcome of [my case] has been favourable for me. I will definitely send people in your direction."

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    "I really appreciate your willingness to help."

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    "Easy to use and work with. Simple, effective."