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We get you out of your cell phone contract and switch you to any new carrier in 7 days.

No Early Termination Fees | Free Contract Change Alerts Watch a Quick CellBreaker Video
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Early Termination Fees Avoided
Contract Breaches Detected
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7 Days
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Pay no fees

Say NO to ETFs!

We get you out of paying your full Early Termination Fee, guaranteed.

Switch Phones

Switch to ANY Carrier

We make it easy and affordable to switch to any of the top cell carriers.

7 Days to Switch

From Start to Switch in 7 Days

That's right! Once you get started, we can get you switched to a new carrier in less than 7 days.


Monitor Contract

Custom Analysis

We analyze your current cell contracts for unauthorized changes.

Object to Contract


At your direction, we send the objection paperwork so you can get out!

Break the Contract

Contract Break

That's it! You're now free to switch.


Account Monitoring

Account Monitoring

We run weekly scans on all your cell contracts and alert you of changes.

Change Alerter

Change Alerter

We alert you to contract changes and let you know what those changes mean.

Monitor Expenses

Pay Tracker

(Coming Soon) We track how much you're paying and save you money!