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This Year, Everything Changes

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This Year, Everything Changes

Note: originally published at The Breakery.

CellBreaker is regularly featured by both legal think tanks and national media as experts in the space we’re pioneering. We’ve built technology that empowers consumers despite the traditionally service provider-skewed contract service dynamics.

What We're Changing

Consumers have come to accept the notion that “they can’t win,” b/c providers have engendered a decades-long regime of “might makes right” ethics. In other words, providers have had all of the power, so they have conducted business as if the only rules to live by were the ones they wrote–which, since they ignore the criticism that businesses should observe ethics too, is actually the case.

How We're Changing It

We’ve built technology for consumers to manage, monitor and cancel any contract service, giving consumers a say again in the contract-provider relationship and creating a world of contracts without pain. Look at our pilot brand,, where we focused on getting folks out of cell phone contracts.

Who's Pissed

And boy, have the big cell phone carriers hated us–they’re not used to being outsmarted. Well, this is the world we’re creating. Get used to losing, big, faceless service providers. This is the year that consumers bite back. This year, everything changes.