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How to Handle a Breach of Contract

How to Handle a Breach of Contract

Posted on by Jon Colgan

First consider the cost. 


Would it be prohibitively high? Asserting your contractual rights requires legal work, and legal work can only be done by one with legal knowledge. Legal knowledge can be bought from an attorney or learned by a self-advocate, but buying legal knowledge costs money, and learning it costs man-hours.


Then consider the odds. 


An attorney’s odds of winning a breach of contract claim might max out at 100% when he is paid sufficient money, but a self-advocate’s odds might max out at 50% even when he expends sufficient man-hours. This is because desirable outcomes are almost always the product of quality legal work. And again, quality legal work is costly regardless of who is doing it.


Finaly, given the odds, if the potential cost of asserting the breach of contract claim exceeds the potential payoff, don’t pursue the claim.


CellBreaker performs this calculus daily. Our web application detects cell phone carrier breaches of contract and automates the decisions that asserting the attendant claim repeatably entail. Translation: when breached, we get consumers out of cell phone contracts.


With CellBreaker, the breach of contract claim can always be pursued because we’ve married the efficiency of computers with the logic of law to eliminate natural cost (money and man-hours) of pursuing a claim. This is how we’re able to offer the most effective solution to unwanted cell phone contracts at the lowest possible cost.