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Like A Flamethrower For Mosquitoes

Like A Flamethrower For Mosquitoes
Posted on  by cllbrkr

One question we often get is “how does it work?”

That question is ambiguous. So, I’ll answer it in two ways.

First Way to Answer

“How” as in, “what is the way in which . . .”


1) They Breach
Carriers often breach contracts contracts by making changes without your permission and by not giving you what you pay for. For example: Are you getting what you bargained for? Dropped Calls? Sudden bill increases? Frustrated? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this is your opportunity to get out of the contract.

2) We Detect It
We make breaking free fast and easy. CellBreaker is constantly monitoring the providers for our customers. When providers make unauthorized changes, they create the opportunity for customers to get out of their contracts. When they make changes, we take action.

3) You’re Free
Getting out of the relationship is easy. The challenge is getting your provider to stop nagging you. CellBreaker ensures the validity of your departure and provides tools to guarantee your freedom. Plus, your order is risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Now In More Detail

The CellBreaker process is designed so that neither you nor CellBreaker breach your contract. Rather, we wait for your provider to make a change without your permission and then move quickly to acknowledge and document that change.

The process has three phases

  1. Fact-finding

  2. Objection

  3. The End Game

Let’s talk about each phase.


Before we can help you, we have to learn what’s going on with your unwanted cell phone account. We’ll need to know things like the phone numbers you wish to cancel, the contract begin and end dates, and name of your provider, etc. Armed with this information, we’re able to detect actionable, provider-side changes.

Detecting an actionable change is not an instantaneous process for everyone. It can take up to 90 days or longer in some cases. The good news is that those are the rare exceptions. Most of our customers are able to get out of their contracts within the first few weeks after placing an order with CellBreaker.


When CellBreaker detects an actionable change, we help you construct an appropriate communication to your provider, clearly documenting the specifics of the change that was identified. After a reasonable amount of time for the provider receive the letter and have an opportunity to correct the change, if no action occurs, then you may “port” your number to another carrier. A “port” is where your new provider pulls your phone numbers away from your old provider. Once your port request is processed, your previous provider is unable to charge for the use of those numbers, effectively canceling your unwanted contracts.

The End-Game:

Unfortunately this is not the end of the process, but it is the end of your customer relationship with your old provider. Typically your old provider will send you a bill that will include Early Termination Fees. While you are responsible for paying all legitimate charges, you are NOT responsible for paying early termination fees that your old provider improperly levies against you. CellBreaker has an abundance of information on your consumer rights and what strategies will work best for you in dealing with your old provider. Patience, persistence and effective communications are the keys to success.

Second Way to Answer

“How” as in, “to what degree” or “in what manner . . .”

CellBreaker gets rid of unwanted contracts with ease because of our automated software that streamlines the process of getting out of a contract. Altogether, the system takes the legwork out of detecting actionable changes and taking appropriate action based upon those changes. Plus, all of the documentation and correspondence necessary for a given action is maintained by our system, and it’s pre-populated with all of your specific information. It’s a proven system that solves this very frustrating problem with minimal customer effort. It’s the way breaking up should be. Fast and easy.

But how good is this wizard behind the curtain? We have a 100% success rate at getting customers out of contracts. We’re aiming for 101%, but we’re not quite there yet.

Finally, I’ll end with my favorite analogy. When asked how it works, I like to assume the inquirer means “how well.” Then I answer, “like a flamethrower for mosquitoes.”

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