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How to save money on your cell phone bill each month

How to save money on your cell phone bill each month

Posted on by Jon Colgan

Darth Vader might be onto something . . .

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My number one tip for saving money on cell phone service is this: think about the buying decision as offense rather than defense. Here’s what I mean.

No longer are the big 4, contract-wielding carriers consumers’ only options for cell phone service. There are a growing number of smaller carriers offering more value for less money and doing so on the exact same cellular network as whichever big carrier is leasing spectrum to the given small carrier (i.e. MVNO customers get the exact same cellular experience as MNO customers when using that MNO’s cellular network). So instead of treating the cell phone service buying decision as an exercise in defense–”how can I manage to give away as little money as possible every month?”–treat it like offense–”which carrier, big or small, wants my business the most?”

The proof being in the pudding, this often is as simple as comparing monthly service cost and sign up bonuses, carrier to carrier. For example, many carriers are running ETF-buyout campaigns whereby they’ll give you a check card equal to the early termination fees your old carrier might wish to charge you should you leave mid-contract. Combine that with CellBreaker, who can beat the ETFs altogether, and consumers could:

  1. Switch to a cheaper monthly cellular service.
  2. Beat their existing contract/ETFs.
  3. And put, say, a $1000 check card in their pocket.

That’s offense, and that’s the marketplace consumers can profit from today.

CellBreaker makes it easy for consumers to switch cell phone carriers. People are excited about what we’re doing, but not just because we’re beating contracts–also because we’re doing it in an easy and intuitive way. All told, users spend about 5 minutes on our platform, and we can beat their contracts in 7 days.

With CellBreaker, you can actually make money when switching carriers instead of just saving money. [Mind blown.]