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Avoidable Costs in Your Business Phone Bill

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Avoidable Costs in Your Business Phone Bill

Published on March 12, 2015

Note: this is based on Jules Hill's post on the same topic.

If your business has a multi-line cell phone contract, then you're probably leaving savings opportunities on the table.

Here's how to not do that.

Sift through your business's cell phone contracts monthly with a fine-toothed comb to find unilateral contract breaches. Each breach, if identified in time, gives the business the option of canceling the current contract (with no termination fee) in favor of a new contract with better terms.

I know it sounds too simple. But this cost-cutting technique saves business customers 62% on cell phone service, on average.

Theoretically, it makes sense. But is it practical? Perhaps you're like many business owners and you obsess over such trifles as "productivity" and "good use of your time."

Just kidding, those are valid concerns.

For most business owners, the prospect of sifting through your cell phone contract monthly might seem like combing the Sahara desert ad nauseam (pictured above).

If you abhor the prospect of monthly comb-wielding then, as a business owner myself, I recommend a new, free contract monitoring/management app called Sign up to unlock certain premium features that, altogether, make this monthly combing chore painless and automatic.

And circle back with comments below if you have any positive or negative feedback on Veeto or comb-wielding in general.