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2014 Consumer Trend: Justice as a Service

2014 Consumer Trend: Justice as a Service

Posted on by Jon Colgan

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Starting quietly in 2013 and picking up steam in 2014 with cell phone carriers attacking early termination fees, consumers are increasingly expecting/demanding to be freed from obnoxious consumer service contracts. Not just cell phone contracts–TV, internet, gym contracts, etc. are also on the chopping block.

The trend is partly the result of the demand and partly the result of the solutions several tech startups are bringing to market. (i.e. WaiOut for consumer contracts like cell phones, TV, internet, and gym; AirHelp for delayed flights; Fixed for parking tickets).

I founded WaiOut, and our first brand, CellBreaker, gets people out of cell phone contracts in 7 days. We so-called “legal startups” call what we do “justice as a service,” and I think our timing couldn’t be more apt given the this consumer trend toward demanding freedom and justice.