• the way switching carriers should be.

    Pay $0 in termination fees. Keep your phone number. All in 15 minutes.

  • Exactly how we work

    You deserve a simpler carrier switch.

    1. We set up your phone number with your new carrier-- Free.

    We'll initiate what's called a port switch. We call your new provider and provide them with the details you've already given us. This is usually the hardest part of a carrier switch, and we'll take care of it for free.


    You're not signed up for a new service yet, so there's no commitment when performing this step.

    2. Your new provider will call you and set up your new plan

    This is the fun part-- your new carrier will call you and set up your new phone plan. They'll already have the info they need to switch your phone numbers, so all you need to do is decide your new plan.


    Here's the kicker-- once this part is complete, your old contract is terminated. You don't have to talk to your old provider at all. The new carrier will automatically cancel your old contract when they send over the switch request for your numbers.

    3. Your old provider will send you your final bill, with your ETFs

    Now your officially switched! Your old provider will send you a final bill, including your ETFs. If you've signed up for our buyout service, this is where Cellbreaker comes in. We handle your final bill, so you don't have to worry about your ETFs, or dealing with your old provider at all.

    4. We take it from there!

    You're home free! You've now switched carriers, kept your numbers, and avoided ETFs and any headaches with your old carrier-- all with just one click and a 15 minute phone call.

    5. Bonus! How our buyout works compared to carrier buyouts

    There are a number of reasons why we like our buyout program over carrier buyouts-- carrier reimbursements usually don't cover the full fees from switching, they're slow, and in many cases, they don't end up paying out at all.


    However, we don't really have to talk about any of those, because, it turns out, you don't have to choose between us and them. Once you've switched, in addition to dealing with your ETFs, we can also enroll you in the buyout program of your new carrier, and in many cases, you end up getting paid to switch.


    The bottom line is, even if you don't choose our buyout program, we'll still handle your provider switch. And we'll do it for free.