• The hard part's behind you. Let us buy out your contract.

      Once we determine a contract is eligible, we cover 100% of early termination fees. Our cost? Just $40. 
      Checkout below, and let's get started.

    • don't pay another cent on your old contract, guaranteed.

      Once you activate your Veeto Cell Buyout, you don't have to pay another cent to your old cell provider. If, after our service, your old carrier still tries to bill you, we'll cover the cost ourselves.

    • How It Works

      If we're buying out your contract, you may be wondering how we make money.


      Check Your Eligibility

      You've already done this-- we're able to buy out your contract because we've determined that your contract is eligible for immediate cancellation. So, while we cover your costs in any case, we're confident we can cancel your contract without paying the etf at all.


      Set Your Switch Date

      You enter the date when you plan to switch, and we cancel your old contract effective on that date. Don't worry, we'll make sure you've switched, so you don't experience any lapse in coverage.


      We Cancel Your Contract

      Sit back and relax-- our Veeto Experts will take it from here. At this point, you're free and clear no matter what. We'll jump into action and terminate your old contract ourselves.

    • Fast. Easy. Guaranteed.

      Once you activate your Veeto Power, we take care of everything else. In fact, we even terminate your old contract on your behalf, so you don't have to deal with your old carrier directly. And best of all,


      • No restrictions on where you switch.
      • No waiting for weeks (or in some cases months) for reimbursements.
      • No risk (once you activate, we cover any costs with your old carrier).


    • The freedom to choose

      We're not affiliated with any phone carriers-- which means you can choose the cell phone company that you want, not the one that'll pay your contract.


      In fact, you don't even have to switch to a new provider at all, if you don't want to.

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