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The Number One Mistake?

The Number One Mistake?

Posted on by Jon Colgan

The number one mistake I see consumers make when arguing with telecom companies (cell phone carriers, cable providers, etc.) is pursuing the argument by phone. Never argue with a telecom company by phone. For two reasons primarily–the rep on the other end of the phone call seldom has the authority to resolve your request, and you’ll likely burn more man-hours than the request is worth. This is why most consumers, after one or two futile phone calls, abandon the request altogether.

Instead, use your noggin to tell your fingers what to write: put it in writing. You’ll likely burn fewer man-hours than your telecom-rep counterpart; the written record regarding your request will be unbroken; and any response you receive–again, insist that it be in writing–will likely come from a higher-level employee with the authority to resolve your request.

The takeaway? Never argue with telecom companies by phone. Do it in writing. More effective, less time-consuming.