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How We Named CellBreaker?

How We Named CellBreaker?

Posted on by Jon Colgan

Listen as your teeth touch (to make the S sound) and your puckered lips burst open (to make the B sound). Cell-Brea-ker. How did we come up with this name?

When you first heard it, if you thought that CellBreaker breaks cell phone contracts, then the name did its job (if you thought of escaping from jail, on the other hand, you’re not alone either). Our first objective was to select a name that intuitively describes what we do. Based on feedback we’ve heard, I think “CellBreaker” checks that box.

The name also has a deeper meaning. Cell phone contracts, to the layperson, are enigmatic–written in some indecipherable code. CellBreaker decodes contracts, thus breaking the code. We like to think we’re clever, and this so-called “deeper meaning” allows us to continue that delusion.

This was our thought process when we settled on “CellBreaker.”